CCA: CCA( Chromated Copper Arsenate) is a kind of abio-arsenic salt, which is used to the wood to avoid the invasion of termites and other harmful insects and also to make the wood antiseptic, moisture resistant, and resist the acid and alkaline environment and bad weather, which enables the wood applicalbe to many purposes indoor and outdoor. Over the past thirty years, the antiseptic measures has mainly been using CCA. It is acknowledged the best antiseptic way in the world and ratified by the EPA in that it is clean, odorless and the wood can be painted after processed with it.

ACQ: In recent years, another antiseptic way ACQ has emerged which has become the mainstream of the market and has replaced the CCA gradually. The major chemical component of ACQ is alkyl cuprammonium compoud which doesn t contain the poisonous subjects such as arsenic and chrome and doesn t play a harmful impact on the environment and human and animals. This way is better but more expensive than CCA.

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